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The Arthritis Society

Simplifying the complex

The Arthritis Society approached Blue Aardvark to tell a story about the complex differences between two important treatments for people living with Arthritis.

Who needs to be

People living with Arthritis who need to make informed choices about their current and future treatment plan. It’s also an important piece for those who work with and advocate for, people living with Arthritis. A simple, compelling way to introduce complex ideas to a variety of audiences.


Infographic “What’s in a Name?”

Responsibilities: Concept | Design | Production

The Arthritis Society (copy)

A lasting strategy

Tuesday the infographic is needed for a presentation, Thursday, it’s to be added to the website for a campaign – Friday for a poster at a news conference. No problem. The modular design accommodates multiple uses. Elements can be reorganized to suit the task at hand. A little strategy ensures that it’s designed to deliver.