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Publications and Infographics

Bringing simplicity to the complex …

Science Media Centre of Canada: the partnership group for science and engineering (PAGSE)  

Jim Handman

Discussion Paper: The Health Effects and Science of Cannabis

A paper outlining the gaps in knowledge surrounding cannabis and its potential impact on personal and public health.

Graph showing cannabis use of youth in the US In 2009 43% tried cannabis in their lifetime, while 25% used it at least once in the last 20 days. In 2015 38% had used cannabis at least once in their lifetime, while 21% had used it in the last 30 days.
A graph demonstrating cannabis concentration in the blood over time. THC concentration drops after 13 days, but small amounts remain in the bloodstream

Project: Discussion Paper “SciEng Pages: The Health Effects and Science of Cannabis”

Responsibilities: Design

Credits: Jim Handman (copy)

Science Media Centre of Canada: Health Canada  

Jim Handman

Backgrounder: Climate Change Extreme Heat and Health

Answers to questions surrounding the health effects of Climate Change.

Infographic desmonstrating how heat syncs affect temperature in an urban setting
Sample graph showing days above 30 degrees Celsius in Canada's capital cities from 1961 to predicted 2100

Project: Backgrounder “Climate Change Extreme Heat and Health”

Responsibilities: Design

Credits: Jim Handman (copy)

Casey House  

Martha Turner

Infographic: It’s Not Over, HIV/AIDS today

Information about the current state of HIV/AIDS and treatment in Canada. Designed for print and web. Designed in a modular format so that components can be used in other publications and web pages and posters – the content is adaptable to a variety of formats without the need to recreate for each required application.

Project: Infographic “It’s Not Over, HIV/AIDS Today”

Responsibilities: Design

Credits: Martha Turner (copy)

Casey House  

Lisa MacDonald

Impact Report 2020

Previously, the Casey House Impact Report was presented to stake holders as a printed piece. Because of COVID-19, their typical outreach channels weren’t available. The project was initiated as a designed PDF. Instead, Blue Aardvark recommended an online approach. This allowed for video, dynamic info graphics and more photos to be used – as well as allowing information to be provided in a format that was able to be reviewed conveniently (for most). 

SCOPE (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment)

Penny Park, Glaucia Mendes Souza

Sustainable Bioenergy, Policy Brief

The brief outlines sustainable methods to develop biofuels.  

Project: Design “Policy Brief: Sustainable Bioenergy”

Responsibilities: Design

Credits: Penny Park (copy)

Carolinian Canada Coalition 

Michele Kanter, Jarmo Jalava

Discussion Paper: Big Picture Report Card

Informational piece inviting feedback on tools to track and target conservation efforts in the Carolinian Forest.  

The Big Picture Report Card

Project: Infographic “Big Picture Report Card Discussion Paper”

Responsibilities: Design 

Credits: Jarmo Jalava, Carolinian Canada Coalition (copy)